He Who is No Longer Car-Free


So I just moved from a
town where nearly three-quarters of the residents don’t own cars to one where
more than three-quarters DO. Welcome to LA. Only about seven percent of LA
residents took public transit in ’06 (yes, I looked all this stuff up), so I’m
thinking the car culture here probably won’t change all that much…which means
I’ll be driving again. It’s gonna be a big adjustment for this former Brooklynite.

-Gas prices haven’t
stopped climbing even after they went through the roof. Who’d have guessed that
a gallon of gas would end up costing as much as a hot dog at your favorite MLB

Stay tuned, I’ll let you
know how it goes. Meantime, I’m gonna head to the stadium. For some reason I’m
dying for a hot dog.

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  1. flairforthedramatic

    Hey Joe. LA takes some getting used to huh? I figured over there you’d only need a tan and a convertible to fit right in.
    I been wondering how it feels having Manny on your team now? Going from the helm of New York in the midst of the hyped up rivalry to managing the face of Boston in Cali is quite a turn… kinda of weird how things wind up.
    Although you must be loving it over there, you’ll always be a New Yorker first 🙂
    From BK as well, Vanessa – http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com

  2. WonderGoon

    Hi Joe,
    I hate driving myself, but living in rural Georgia, I pretty much have to. And while I don’t pretend to compare our situations, I can empathize with your reluctance to get behind the wheel again.

    Hang in there, Joe, and congrats on the success of the Dodgers. Good luck the rest of the way and I hope you guys match up with the Cubs in the playoffs (and win)!


  3. nymetsgrrl94

    I guess your aren’t seeing any “Take the train to the game!” ads like they always have in New York. But I guess the driving hasn’t really made much of a difference in the success of your team. The playoffs would not be the same without you managing. It would just be weird.
    Have fun with the Manny antics and tell him I like the haircut!

  4. cmmcdi_slp@verizon.net

    Dear Coach,
    In December ’02, you & I shared 2.5 seconds alone together, coming and going from the subway; the pleasant, “How ya doin’?” made my whole trip. I mustn’t have been spun around under Manhattan at that moment or I’d have been begging you shamelessly to point me in one direction or the other.

    Sorry to out them but New Yorkers of all ilks have been gracious and patient with this traveler’s underground disorientation over the years. Probably helps that I’m not wearing my Red Sox Nation get up, but still….

    Hope LA is treating you well. They’re fortunate to have you.

  5. mikeeff

    joe- i think it’s great that we will have this opportunity to hear your thoughts – best of luck to you and the dodgers–i’m a yankee fan who has been rooting for you to get to the WS, we miss you so much.

  6. dodgereric

    Hey Joe, I had to laugh at your “WTF” comment on your first entry! LMAO!!

    Seriously though, I sincerely hope that you have learned that Andre Ethier has MORE than earned the full-time job in RF. He earned it from the get-go in spring training and he has done nothing to give it back ever since.

    Juan Pierre is, by all accounts, a nice guy and a hard worker. That alone makes me want to like him. However, there is no doubt that the lineup is weaker with him in it instead of Ethier. Yes, obviously Pierre is the better runner and will get more stolen bases, but Ethier’s power advantage more than balances the scales as to their value. And when you add in defense, the scale tips undeniably in Ethier’s favor. Even saying that their glove work is even (and I think Andre’s is better), the arm is no contest.

    For the longest time you played Pierre because you didn’t think you had anyone else to lead off. Well, you obviously have learned that Matt Kemp, although not the prototype leadoff hitter, is doing very well there. He’ll do fine until Rafael Furcal (praying here) can return. So we really don’t need Pierre to lead off anymore.

    This “Pierre hits lefties better” argument has to end as well. How in the world is Ethier going to learn how to hit them when he get benched? And he hit them just fine last year!

    One more point. Attitude. Ethier has (at least to those of us not privy to the dugout and clubhouse) presented himself as the consumate team player. He’s said all the right things and avoided controversy, even when steered towards it by the media. Pierre, on the other hand, has publicly complained – and I quote – “they’re just sticking it to me this year”. And this was while he was playing virtually every day.

    I could list a bunch of statistics to back up my claim, but I think they’d only bore you and make you skip the rest of my post. You’re an old-school guy anyway and probably go by the seat of your pants. Here’s the old-school argument from me: putting the best lineup on the field, day in and day out is the key to winning. If two players are close in ability, fine. I don’t think they’re close. Not by a long shot.

    Play Ethier every day. He’s earned it. Benching him only retards his development. Pierre has his best value TO THE TEAM as a role player now. Pinch hitting and pinch running.

  7. debmc004

    You know, Joe, since you, ah, “left,” yeah, that’s it, “left” for the sunny confines of Dodger Stadium, I find that what little reason I had to root for the Yankees has gone out there, with you.

    As a Mets fan, and a longtime one, I have to say that I consider the Dodgers probably among the best potential competition in postseason play this year. That’s provided we both make it, of course. I’m impressed with the additions of Manny Ramirez (who wouldn’t be??) and even maybe more importantly, Greg Maddux, whom I think will be a huge asset to the team both on and off the field, considering all the success and postseason experience he brings.

    I’m rooting for the Dodgers to make the post, and will be rooting for them throughout the post if either the Mets don’t make it or make it and are quickly eliminated.

    Hey, you got a spare closer we can borrow?

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I have nothing but fond memories of you and your time in New York, and I consider you among the classiest individuals to ever wear a baseball uniform.

    Good luck, and hope to see you in October! 🙂

  8. redstatebluestate

    I assume you’re a Dodger Dog guy and not a Veggie Dog guy. Try to find a veggie dog in Chicago. They might have a heart attack on the spot for even mentioning it. Great to see you blogging here, Skipper. My dad and uncles still talk about your St. Louis days… it’s like you’re one of us — still.

  9. redstatebluestate

    I assume you’re a Dodger Dog guy and not a Veggie Dog guy. Try to find a veggie dog in Chicago. They might have a heart attack on the spot for even mentioning it. Great to see you blogging here, Skipper. My dad and uncles still talk about your St. Louis days… it’s like you’re one of us — still.

  10. amyw27

    Joe- Thank you for blogging with us. It is a good outlet to share Dodger thoughts and passions with people who understand them.
    I’m glad that you are settling into LA life. I’ve been an LA girl for my entire life and with that, a True Blue Dodger fan. The last couple of years have been extremely memorable for me, as I am a young woman in her early 20’s, just as the majority of the players on the team. I feel a connection and I love the youth movement in the clubhouse. Thank you for believing in them and giving them a chance to develop.
    Also- Thank you for your time at the WIN clinic on Saturday. It was a great program and an experience that I will always cherish. What makes this team special is in the way that you all make yourselves accessible to the fans through community events. You aren’t just people we watch on t.v. , but are real people who care about your families an relationships. It means a lot to me.

  11. nyy722046

    Hey, Joe! Thanks so much for starting this blog. Seeing you in a Dodger uniform has made me ill. I bet the pinstripe powers-that-be feel the same way. I hope you can get the Dodgers to the World Series. Since my boys aren’t going to be there, I’ll be wearing Dodger blue and even rooting for Manny – you have to know how much it hurts to say that. But…you’re the best, and I, for one, miss you a ton.

  12. thebatflip

    Keep Kuo healthy. He’ll step up for the team down the stretch and be effective in the playoffs. Give him opportunities to close.

  13. squigs1

    Wait, you mean to tell me you took mass transit to the Bronx everyday? I’m sure George paid for car service. WTF!!! Can’t the Dodger’s organization compensate for a car and driver?!?! lol

  14. dodgereric

    OK Joe, that was an interesting experiment. Four errors later, another loss against a division opponent.

    Let’s never see that lineup again unless it’s February.

  15. ricter

    Hey! I know why you are dying for a hot dog!

    Its cus you miss those dogs from good ole’ Gray’s Papaya, that’s why!!!

    for $2 bucks, how can ya go wrong???

    I personally can’t drink Papaya juice with out a pair of those dogs!

  16. m n m boys

    Hey joe,
    I’m a new yorker living in LA for about 5 years now and you’ll really love it here. I wanted to reccomend some NY pizza you could find in Santa Monica, Joe’s Pizza on Bleeker St. recently built a location out here.
    When i first moved here i was dying to get anything even close. Check it out, they even have knots. Good luck making the playoffs, because of you the Dodgers have become my NL team although it is strange rooting for Manny. Our Yanks could use a closed-door talk from you right about now!!!

  17. prisrob2003@yahoo.com

    Hey Joe,
    A long time Red Sox fan from New England. Manny looks happy to be with you. Good- he is yours:-)

    Good luck, am rooting for your team with my best friend who is a long standing Dodger Blue fan. Hope to see you in the play offs.


  18. rachaelxfaith@yahoo.com

    Hey there, Mr. Torre.

    We miss you out here on the East coast. We’re rooting for you for sure, but I’ll never forget those great years you had with the Yanks- they’re the ones I grew up on. Best wishes in your LA life, cars and poofy dogs and all.


  19. silverdude@ymail.com

    joe if you read this thank you. im 14 im telling you some advice: on the rockies game on the 19 why put kuo on. he let 2 runs against Milwaukee and then 3 runs against the rockies. please put biemel, cory wade has pitched more innings than him and he was in double AA! joe was our premiere reliver last year. put him more. trust me. i know you dont trust him because he walks guys. but come on. his era is below 2.00.silverdude@ymail.com email me if you want to tell me something.

  20. joseluisavalos80@gmail.com


    It’s PCH, not the PCH. “The” is before the freeway numbers. For example, “The 101” or “The 5”. PCH is just PCH. And you look for Street names, not exit numbers. What else…

    Oh yea, someone on la.curbed.com mentioned Los Feliz as a good place to live, and I couldn’t agree more.

  21. stein


    It’s quite obvious why you didn’t take the Yankee deal. You knew as well as I did that it was highly unlikely that these guys would make the playoffs. What’s the point of a bonus you know is not likely to come to fruition? The odds were not even that good. The Yankees have been in decline for years. Amazing how a lot of people don’t see it.

    I am glad your in LA, people would have ripped you apart personally for the mess of this Yankee team. Only thing I feel bad for you about is that you have that guy on your team who won’t cut his hair or listen to anybody.

    Good luck Joe, you are one of the good guys in baseball. A rare commodity these days!

  22. heartruss

    Hi Joe, welcome to LA. We are happy that you are managing our beloved guys in blue. It is a bit of a shock to go from NYC to LA. So different. I was lucky enough to be able to visit NYC a couple of years ago to attend a graduation at NYU (ha ha, all these initials) I love New York: Time Square, Central Park, the Met. I know you must miss it. There’s something very special about it that you can’t capture anywhere else. It’s magical. But you will learn to love LA. Travel up and down the coast and you will see why it is such a special state. Thanks for coming. Go Dodgers.

  23. levelboss

    Mr. Torre, i had lived in L.A. for many years.. the 3 biggest driving concerns you’d have to worry about are:
    1) making a left-turn [gotta really watch those red-light runners] 2) parallel parking.. in most places parking is hard to come by and 3) avoiding the ubiquitous large pot-holes..

    safe driving to you, Mr. Torre

  24. ladgirl27

    Hello Joe Torre 🙂 Hope you love LA! WELCOME TO LA! Hope you enjoy it so much! I totally agree with you on everything 🙂 I think you look really GREAT in the Dodgers uniform! You are a REALLY AWSUM manager ever!

    I know, In New York you cannot drive at all 😦
    It is reallly hard! Enjot your time in LA and you’ll have a BLAST! Thanks Joe!
    You rock!
    Love, Brittany 🙂

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