Go Dodger$$$

I was hanging out at the stadium before a game last week, and I saw a fan wearing a Dodgers cap.  Sounds about right, yeah?  But this wasn’t just any baseball cap; the nice blue L.A. logo was stitched onto the front, but it also had the stamp of a swanky clothing brand printed all over it.  I pointed this out to one of my players, and he said that hat costs more than $100.  For a baseball cap.  That’s not even AUTOGRAPHED.

My buddy went on to tell me that one of the big sports brands recently came out with a baseball glove that costs several hundred dollars.  This thing is made of top-notch Italian leather and is supposed to be a lot more comfortable and durable, but still, I can remember running down to the local sports-goods store in Brooklyn and picking up a perfectly good glove that’d last for years for around $15 or so.

So I’m starting to think this kind of status thing is L.A.-centric, what with Rodeo Drive and the high quantities of “beautiful people” residing here.  Sure, New York has Madison Avenue and all the fashion mags, but what do New Yorkers do for four months of every year?  Bundle up in huge scarves and big puffy coats, and stay indoors as much as possible, that’s what.  L.A. is a fashion capital all year long.

What does this mean for me?  Well, maybe nothing; after all, I clean up pretty good when I’m not in my uniform — no cut-off shorts or muscle shirts or anything.  Then again, maybe you’ll spot me at a game wearing a swanky brand or an Italian leather something or other.  But don’t hold your breath.

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  1. rbcxpeteluvs2eat@yahoo.com

    Yay! first comment. What a pleasure it is to have you here in Los Angeles. I really enjoy reading about your stay in LA and the culture shock that you’ve been experiencing. Well, I guess you can that LA is full of flashy people who enjoy nice things…”all year long”. As for me, I do appreciate low-budget stuff that I can enjoy for a long time. That’d be a good buy.

    Magic #: 1


  2. dimagfan

    Spalding makes some vintage gloves for a couple hundred that are just awesome. I wouldn’t pay that much for a hat though, $30 is enough… Maybe could you stop winning so I don’t have to buy a Dodger hat. Thanks.

    BTW, lauding the loyalty of the Dodger fans after clinching was very classy, but how about some props for the many Yanks fans that have kept an eye on the boys in Blue this year?

    Keep up the posts, they’re most entertaining.

  3. Kylie

    Welcome to MLBlogs! I’m sorry I didn’t see your blog earlier.
    My sister and my brother-in-law, who are HUGE Dodgers fans, both live in LA, and every summer I fly out to stay with them for a few weeks. My reaction is identical to yours. More Los Angeles than anywhere else I’ve seen so many people hiding behind expensive clothing, cars, jewelry, you name it. And I think a lot of it has to do with the weather–like you said, New Yorkers have to bundle up, but nobody in LA (except me, because I’m from Houston) really has to bundle up at all.
    Oh, and on the subject of obnoxious caps–I’ve seen so many people buy nice 59Fifty caps (and I mean the beautiful ones you can get at Lids) and leave the tags in and the stickers on. What’s the point?
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  4. ashley619

    Hi Mr Torre,
    Congratulations on making playoffs. You are truly a genius!
    I enjoy reading your “Joe’s Stories.” I grew up in L.A. (actually O.C. but I guess life style is similar since O.C. and L.A. are both on the westcoast) but I’ve never thought of things your thinking about things in L.A.
    How ironic! Just like you said you don’t know much about NY even though you lived in that city for a long time!
    I’m going to start going to all the places you mentioned in the other entry.
    Go Dodgers!

  5. Buz

    Okay Joe.. now is the time to show what you’ve been crafting for the season. You had a good vehicle to start.. but with a few horsepower additions and some timely tuning on your behalf.. this baby should be ready to run! Best of Luck.. Go Blue!

  6. psychotropek@yahoo.com

    Congratulations on a wonderful season. I too am confused by the cost of some merchandise but also the little dogs people carry around. Bizarre.

    When I lived near LA and drank tons of green tea like I hope you still do, my blood pressure was very low. If you’re doing the same, it’s no wonder you can stay so cool!

  7. bartolo1289@aim.com

    Mr. Torre,

    Congratulations on a Great Season. Thanks to you I became a Yankee fan way back in 1996. I was about 7 years old at the time and My father was trying to get me to be a met fan but I saw my first Yankee game and from then on it was history. The past 12 years was amazing. It’s a shame the way your tenure as Yankee manager ended. I wish you the best with the Dodgers in the playoffs this year. I am a proud New Yorker rooting for the Dodgers to go all the way!

    Thanks for the memories! Best wishes!

    P.S. I have been to California, but Never to LA and by reading your “Torre Stories” I can’t wait to see LA.

  8. jklucero@lucerostar.com

    I have bled Blue all my life with early recollections of my grandmother and me listening to Vin Scully on the radio during a late summer afternoon because the home game was blacked out. I remember the heartbreak the A?s and your Yankees brought to us in the 70s and our sweet redemption in the 80s. I can tell you in exact detail the jubilation of an 8 year old boy as I received a call from my first little team manger telling me I was on the Dodgers.

    Dodger managers like Walt Alston and Tommy Lasorda were mainstays and icons to the fans and their longevity was endearing to us. I must admit at first having a Yankee manager managing the Dodgers was almost as sacrileges as a Dodger managing the Giants but there is a difference in how fans view MLB and how players/coaches work in MLB.

    I hope to see you a mainstay, regardless of record, with the Dodgers so that we fans can enjoy that stability that we were so accustomed to. Good season coach and buy a Rawlings, they take longer to break in but it?s worth it. Good Deep Pocket!

  9. boilerbruin@yahoo.com

    Joe, Thanks for restoring the Dodger pride that I grew up with. I grew up in the Bay Area so it was difficult being a Dodger fan (thanks Joe Morgan) but to see the way the guys are playing today, revitalizes those feelings.
    I have an idea (I know the last thing you have time for with the weight of Baseball History on your shoulders is to read this comment): Why don’t you announce Angel Berroa as your starting Pitcher for tomorrow night in Philly. He would bat first. Then in the bottom of the first you bring in Lowe to replace Berroa. It doesn’t do anything to your rotation but it gives you one more lead off hitter in the top of the first. Then Manny would in effect bat fourth for just that inning. When the batting order turns over, then you’re back to normal (as Lowe would have replace Berroa in the number one spot, but so what if he still bats after Blake or DeWitt and before Furcal). What we have done in effect is given us an extra leadoff hitter and made the pitcher bat 10th. If it doesn’t work then Manny leads off the second. But this way gives him more ducks to bring in. Worst case scenario, our pitcher would not have to bat until the 4th inning versus the 3rd in other situations. This would be easier than pinch hitting for him because he’d know ahead of time that he was batting and he could study Hamels now. I don’t think you’ll need him later in the game as you still have Garcy and Kent to hit in late innings and Ozuna to play the field. I’d rather jump out to lead in the 1st than need to scratch for one in the 7th. You could do it Pierre too but I’d hate to lose our only other outfielder.

    Just an idea. I’m very excited about this series! Go Blue!!!!

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