Wheatgrass is Still Just Grass


It was a strange transition, moving from Deli-and-Dog City to the Health Food Capital of the U.S.  I’m pretty sure there are plenty of weird foods anywhere you go (fried snack cakes, anybody?), but I think L.A. takes the prize for the highest concentration of them.

Let’s take wheatgrass, for example.  It is EXACTLY what it sounds like: the grass of wheat.  From what I’ve read, wheatgrass contains good-for-you stuff like vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and it’s really caught on as a health thing; out here, lots of people squeeze it and put it into drinks like juices or shakes, and some folks grow it themselves.  I’m not quite that ambitious, but I like to think I’m open to trying new things.  Let’s just say it tastes like somewhere in the neighborhood of where chalk meets… well, GRASS.  Yuck.

If there’s a lesson here, I guess it’s just to take small steps into a new experience.  I’m proud of myself for taking a step into the health-focused L.A. food culture, but I think the next thing I try will be something a little less outlandish… like sushi or blowfish.  As for wheatgrass?  Hey, I can say I tried it, and be perfectly satisfied that my grass of choice is in the outfield at the ball park.

See more of Joe’s L.A. Adventures at www.torrestories.com


  1. perri8

    Dear Joe

    You are the absolute BEST! We havine been praying
    for you all season!!

    The Stienbrenners should only choak on their
    dinner. No one will forget how you were treated’

    Also get rid of that pitcher.


  2. psychotropek@yahoo.com

    Congratulations on a wonderful season. I too am confused by the cost of some merchandise but also the little dogs people carry around. Bizarre.

    When I lived near LA and drank tons of green tea like I hope you still do, my blood pressure was very low. If you’re doing the same, it’s no wonder you can stay so cool!

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