October 2008

Cowabunga, or Hang Ten, or Something


-Large, intimidating West Coast waves?  Check.
-Brand-new surf board, dragged across the driveway to make it look worn?  Check.
-Embarrassingly skintight wet suit?  Check.
-One former New York resident who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing out here and therefore can’t do much more than paddle around for an hour?  Check.

That pretty much sums up my first go at surfing.  And I lost my Dodgers cap, which I don’t think I was supposed to wear for this particular activity anyway.

Bummer, dude.

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Baseball’s Stunt Double

So I made a lot of changes this past season, if you haven’t heard; a different team, moving across the country, trading New York snow for Los Angeles sun… but another thing is switching from the American League to the National League.  Now, I’ve heard a million opinions about the differences between the two: the AL’s smaller and home-run-friendly ballparks, the dimensions of the strike zones and varying styles of the umpires, the AL’s tendency toward power-hitting versus the NL’s focus on pitching and running the bases.  But of course, the biggest and most obvious different is the AL’s Designated Hitters for its pitchers.

The way I explained the whole DH thing to Californians is that in the American League, the pitcher gets sort of a stunt double.  Which is funny, since here I am in the land of stunt doubles, and my NL pitchers will have to fend for themselves at the plate.  It’s taking a bit of getting used to again, but I don’t mind.  Baseball is baseball.  Maybe I’ll just get a stunt double to use at press conferences.

See more of Joe’s L.A. adventures at www.torrestories.com