LA and Teeny Dogs


Here’s an interesting
tidbit about LA culture. It’s not just a TV cliché: People really DO carry
pocket dogs around with them wherever they go. I have no idea where you’d put
these little yip-yaps when you go to the restroom, or even why they’re such a hot
accessory; then again, I just moved from a town where people buy color-coordinated
pepper spray cans. But I do know it’s a real phenomenon; I learned about it
first-hand when I found myself walking down Rodeo Drive with this little white
Maltese or Pomeranian named Butch under my arm. The funniest (or saddest) part
was that I didn’t look one bit out of place. Hey, if that’s all it takes to fit
into LA, I’m in–at least the white fur will match my uniform. Maybe I can get a
gray one for my away games.

Okay, gotta run. I need
to get Butch to the groomer’s before his hair starts getting poufy.

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    hi joe!
    looking foward to seeing you and manny in philly. if you’re hungry for steak instead of dogs, come see us at ruth’s chris steak house. i met manny there 2yrs ago and would love to have you dine with us. and try not to be too rough on the phil’s this time around. lol!

  2. mrsfurcal1

    hi Joe!

    just wanted to say hi, and in LA dogs are considered accessories and i don’t know why. but welcome to LA, and hope to see you soon.

  3. realfan

    I have a black and white pekingese I got when you were with the yankees. I wonder if I could dye her hair blue and white? Just kidding. Go Dodgers!

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