Changing History With A Swing

Changing_history.jpgThere are so many great Home Run moments in baseball
history. Some, like Roger Maris’s 61st (I’
m happy to report the
infamous “*” that downplayed his record because of a newly extended season never
got officially entered in the record books) or Hank Aaron’s 715th,
marked a changing of the guard for America’s pastime. But one of my very
favorites would have to be the first time a World Series was decided by a home
run, and, in all the years of baseball, has happened only ONCE in Game 7. In
1960, Bill Mazeroski of the Pittsburgh Pirates knocked one deep to win the
Series 4-3; not only was it the defining moment of Maz’s career, it also
informally ushered in a new era for the game: the popularity of the walk-off
home run.

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  1. dadlak

    You are right about Mazeroski’s homer being the defining moment of his career and one of the great moments in baseball. However, it seems to me that it was many years later that the walk-off home run became a big deal in the game, with ESPN Sportscenter having the central role in making it a big deal to those other than fans of the home team. Did the phrase “walk-off home run” even exist in 1960? It surely existed by the 1990s.

  2. ashley619

    Hey coach Torre,
    I was so happy when I found this blog!
    The Dodgers are playing horrible baseball right now, but we still believe they can make playoffs!
    Think Blue!

    p.s. I’m scared to death Kershaw is pitching too much….

  3. crzblue2

    Hello Mr Torre,
    Like Amy, I want to thank you for attending the WIN event. We had so much fun on the field and seeing you, Mattingly, Kemp and Russ participate. A huge thanks to Kent who had to be there at 9 a.m. for this event. He has done an outstanding job hosting the WIN baseball clinic for the last 4 years. He does have a funny sense of humor but us that have gotten to know him thru these events, the Macy’s autograph signings, the caravans, Vero Beach and other road trips, think he is a great guy. I’ve heard other say the same once they have met him. I am a season ticket holder and I have missed only two games this season but I have more than made up for it on road games including a game last Saturday to watch the San Bernardino 66r’s who swept the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. Yeah!!! it was nice talking with Charlie Hough there. I remember watching him pitch.
    Regarding driving, I want to warn you about “California rolls”, i’ve recently got a ticket from one of those installed cameras. I had stopped for under two seconds making a right turn on a red light and about a month late! I get a ticket in the mail for “running a red light”. Those tickets are more expensive than speeding tickets so be careful out there!
    Tough games these last few days. Feel sorry for the pitchers that have pitched well but have gotten little run support. See you in Arizona on Saturday. I along two friends and one of my brothers will be sitting a few rows from the visitor’s dugout rooting for our boys in Blue. Please beat those Snakes! -Emma
    ps. for HR, we Dodger fans will take Gibby’s HR in 1988 WS. Also Rick Monday’s HR in Montreal. Those two will always stand in my mind.

  4. mattchu12

    Hey Joe, it’s good to see you on here. We miss you in New York, but I’m following you and the Dodgers in hopes that you can get back to the only place that truly matters in our game: the World Series.

    I hope you have a great second half, I would love to see our favorite manager Mr. Torre hoist another trophy in the air at the end of October, even if you have to be wearing Dodger Blue at the time.

  5. oldbrooklynfan

    I’ll never forget Bill Mazeroski’s HR that won the World Series in 1960. My friend and I were mailclerks, Dodger fans and Yankee haters in a textile firm.
    We were sick and tired of the Yankees winning so much.
    I can’t remember cheering so hard for any team like that, other then for the Dodgers.
    Being in New York most of the workers around us were rooting for the Yankees.
    Although my friend is a Met fan now he still hates the Yankees.
    Me? I’ve grown to accept the Yankees but I’m still a Dodger fan and that dates back to when they were in Brooklyn.

  6. iluvdodgrs

    I just wanted to say that you have a wonderful sense of humor. Your entries made me laugh continuously. Welcome to L.A. (I probably should have said that earlier this season, right?). :-P. I think you’re doing a great job coaching the Dodgers and when I heard that you were going to be managing this team I was completely excited! I know we’re experiencing some rough times right now, but as any faithful Dodgers fan, I believe that we can make it to the play-offs. By the way, getting Manny on the team has done wonders! Keep up the good work!

  7. flairforthedramatic

    You’ve become quite the celeb since moving out to LA. Glad you’re happy out there.
    We still miss you here in NY though.
    I think the walk-off homer is the pinnacle accomplishment in the regular season. It’ll make you jump and scream every time.
    V –

  8. Jane Heller

    I’m a Yankee fan who wishes you were still in NY, Joe! I still haven’t gotten over your press conference at the Rye Town Hilton that my pal Tom Goodman put together. I cried through the whole thing. But I’m glad you’re happy out here in CA. The weather’s better, right? Just one question: Did you honestly believe the Yankees would be contenders with Hughes and Kennedy in the rotation instead of Santana? No, I didn’t think so. Best of luck with the Dodgers.

    – Jane

  9. park

    Hey Joe, very cool blog. I enjoyed the one about the dogs. My wife wants one of those. We’ll see.

    I also have a blog on (Words From The Park). Even though it’s a Dodger blog, I posted an article last October on why the Yankees have been getting eliminated from the playoffs in recent years. I’d be very curious if you agreed with my conclusion. (

    Anyway, great job this year with the Dodgers!


  10. crzblue2

    Mr. Torre,
    Last time I posted was before my trip to Arizona to watch our boys in blue play. I was there for Satuday and Sunday’s game at Chase. Great wins! And I’ve was at all the homestand so I’ve seen all 8 wins in a row! Thank you and the boys in Blue for the winning streak! Hopefully we do better with this road trip than the last.
    Great job on the basket for the auction on Sunday. Jonathan also put a great one along with the hand-painted trash can that was awesome but this year there were less baskets from the boys than last year. -Emma

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