A first time for everything

A_first_time_for_everything.jpgWell, here’s my first blog entry. I was a little nervous at first, but the guys who blog on MLBlogs said it was sort of like keeping an online diary, so I figured how hard could it be? Aside from the fact that men don’t usually have diaries; even the word “diary” brings to mind a little pink book with a heart-shaped lock and a label that reads “My Secrets” in lavender bubble letters. But that’s not really me, so I think a blog is a more acceptable “dude-like” version.

Some of the guys talk about their team or their swing, their away game trips, some even write restaurant reviews (thanks for the reco, Ethier). Me? I’m just a coach with a new team, a new city, a new life as a West-Coaster, and above all a new outlook on life.

First up, though, I’ll be figuring out this blogging thing since I’m a little behind the times. For example, I saw one of those little candy Valentine’s hearts printed with “LOL” and thought it was a typo right up until I started reading about blogs and Web acronyms. I mean, WTF(udge), right? Then there are “web smileys” like 😉 and 😦 which frankly make me a bit >:-P (I just made that one up). But live and learn.

Until then, I’ll just say BFN, because I have to GBTW, but I’ll BCNU soon. But JFTR, I don’t think I’m going to be using a lot of this Web slang. IMHO, plain old English works just fine. TYVM and TTYL.

See more of Joe’s L.A. adventures at www.torrestories.com


  1. sparksjessed@gmail.com

    Hey Joe,

    I love how you’ve been handling the Dodgers this season. The team has been through a lot of ups and downs (injuries, trades), but we’ve come this far and we’re still right in the thick of things.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

    God bless.

  2. patcee

    Hey Joe
    I am a diehard Yankee fan. My grandmother loved the Dodgers but the Yankees…you know how it is. I do appreciate excellence wherever it is and so now I am following you and the Dodgers too. I am delighted to see you are in contention. I hope you bring those guys in the end to gelling and that you get a date in October and a ring.
    Anyway, thanks for all you do for all those guys and the kids program you run and for who you are. keep up the excellence wherever you are and WE MISS YOU .
    Pat and the rest of her die hard family

  3. jobalover

    I was very excited when I found this. Welcome to the blog world!!! I have always been a fan of yours, and will continue to be. I understand how all the web lingo can be confusing. It was for me when I started. We miss you here on the east coast, but I have been cheering for the Dodgers this season, and was very happy to see you get Manny. Good luck the rest of the season!!

  4. iluvlabbies@comcast.net

    Hey Joe,
    I have been a huge Yankees fan forever, but since you left NY I have been following the Dodgers, too. (And I’m really glad you got Manny!) I really respect you as a coach and mentor to the players and I am glad that you found a great place like L.A. to land. We have seen the Dodgers play on the road twice this year – once at Wrigley against the Cubs and twice this past weekend in Philly at Citizens Ball Park. We were cheering for Big Blue, but unfortunately the Dodgers didn’t win at any of the games we caught. The one thing that we have seen at all the parks where the Dodgers play is how much everyone – both sets of fans – love and admire you. You deserve it! I am still pulling for you guys to win the NL West and to make the post season. I KNOW YOU GUYS CAN DO IT!!!!! Hang tough, don’t let Tommy get you full on pasta and cannoli, and good luck with the rest of the season!!!
    Kathy from Nashville

  5. dimagfan

    Ah Joe this is just in time. My sister and I were definitely going through some withdrawl now that we don’t get our daily Joe-fix from YES. Also, how bout you whip these Dodgers into shape. If we’ve got to listen to games that start at 10 pm at least you could win a few… Just teasing. Thanks for everything in NY and good luck.

  6. halcyon_777@hotmail.com

    Hahaha Joe, your transition to the warm sunny side of life is pure comedy sir!! Blogs, Surfing, Health Food, next you need a MySpace and a spinoff Hollywood Mini-Sitcom based off the State Farm commercial shorts. Keep it up man, LA loves ya!

  7. babypaul

    Hey Joe,
    I love reading your blog. Don’t be nervous. It’s so easy that a baby can do it. Keep up the great stories. Maybe I’ll see you this weekend at Coors Field. I’ll be the one with no hair, a few teeth and shaking my baseball rattle.
    -PBR http://babypaul.mlblogs.com

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