Cowabunga, or Hang Ten, or Something


-Large, intimidating West Coast waves?  Check.
-Brand-new surf board, dragged across the driveway to make it look worn?  Check.
-Embarrassingly skintight wet suit?  Check.
-One former New York resident who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing out here and therefore can’t do much more than paddle around for an hour?  Check.

That pretty much sums up my first go at surfing.  And I lost my Dodgers cap, which I don’t think I was supposed to wear for this particular activity anyway.

Bummer, dude.

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    You go Joe! Have a ball out there in LaLa Land. We miss you here in Yankeeville. Good luck in the post season. Take care of those Phillies and then off to the world series.

  2. pinstripepride3

    When I was a kid collecting your baseball cards, I never pictured you managing the Dodgers and surfing. Of course, it was more feasible then than it was last season as I watched you in the Yankee dugout. Yankee fans definitely miss you and appreciate everything you accomplished in pinstripes. Best of luck in the NLCS. We’re all rooting for you back east (but we’re eating junk food instead of grass).


    As a yankee fan I was embarassed by the snub the Steinbrenners gave you at the final yankee home game. I think I speak for all yankee fans when I say that we were all sad to see you leave, but I think leaving the way you did (with class and your dignity in tact) eptiomized your legacy in NY. For me, going to the Dodgers was great since the Dodgers have always been my NL team. I have been cheering for you all season long and found myself watching the Dodgers more than the Yanks this season – now be sure to go out there, take these three home games against the Phils and make us all proud! And while your at it… the Steinbrenners envious!
    AG, Pittsfield, MA

  4. ashley619

    awwwww you lost your Dodgers cap!
    anyway,, the Dodgers have to win three at home and one in Philadelphia!!!
    Go Blue!

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